Petitions and Proposed Resolutions for General Conference Charlotte

Seven Book of Discipline petitions; Fifty-seven Book of Resolutions petitions; and ten new proposed resolutions submitted by GBCS

2024 General Conference

Petitions Related to the Book of Discipline

Part V: Social Principles Preamble Replace - Rationale
Part V: Social Principles Preface Replace - Rationale
¶160: Community of All Creation Replace - Rationale
¶161 and ¶162: The Nurturing Community and The Social Community Replace - Rationale
¶163: The Economic Community Replace - Rationale
¶164 and ¶165: The Political Community and the World Community Replace - Rationale
¶1006: Reduce Size of General Board of Church & Society Amend - Rationale

Petitions Related to the Book of Resolutions

#1001: Energy Policy Statement Amend - Rationale
#1033: Caring for Creation: A Call to Stewardship and Justice (Readopt)
#1035: Climate Change and the Church’s Response (Readopt)
#2022: Support for Adoption in a Global Context Rewrite - Rationale
#2081: Pornography and Sexual Violence Rewrite - Rationale
#3041: Alcohol Beverage Advertising at Sporting Events Delete - Rationale
#3042: Alcohol and Other Drugs (Readopt)
#3043: Keep Children and Youth Free from Alcohol and Other Drugs Amend - Rationale
#3085: Child Soldiers [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#3087: Discipline Children without Corporal Punishment, Including in Schools and Childcare Facilities [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#3162: Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education for All [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#3164: In Support of US Dreamers [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#3181: New Developments in Genetic Science (Readopt)
#3182: Human Cloning (Readopt)
#3184: Repentance for Support for Eugenics (Readopt)
#3201: Health Care for All in the United States (Readopt)
#3202: Health and Wholeness (Readopt)
#3203: Maternal Health: The Church’s Role [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#3205: Faithful Care for Persons Suffering and Dying(Readopt)
#3281: Welcoming the Migrant to the US (Readopt)
#3303: Ministries in Mental Illness (Readopt)
#3361: World’s Population and the Church’s Response [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#3425: Prohibition of Bullying [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#3427: Eradicating Sexual and Gender Based Violence (Readopt)
#3428: Our Call to End Gun Violence (Readopt)
#4021: Tobacco Marketing Amend - Rationale
#4041: Gambling (Readopt)
#4053: Global Debt Crisis: A Call for Jubilee (Readopt)
#4057: Protecting Health Care, Labor, and Environment in Trade Negotiations (Readopt)
#4063: A Call for Just Tax Structures (Readopt)
#4064: A Call for Faithful Lending Practices (Readopt)
#4101: Living Wage Model (Readopt)
#4134: Rights of Farm Workers in the US (Readopt)
#4135: Rights of Workers (Readopt)
#5012: Church-Government Relations Rewrite - Rationale
#5031: Humanizing Criminal Justice (Readopt)
#5038: Caring for Victims of Crime (Readopt)
#5071: Electoral Campaign Finance Reform [Amend and Readopt] Rationale
#5083: Right to Privacy (Readopt)
#5086: Voting Representation for People in the District of Columbia (Readopt)
#6025: Globalization and Its Impact on Human Dignity and Human Rights (Readopt)
#6026: International Day of Prayer (Readopt)
#6032: Eradicating Modern-Day Slavery (Readopt)
#6043: Guidelines for the Imposition of Sanctions (Readopt)
#6066: Atomic Testing on the Marshall Islands: A Legacy (Readopt)
#6082: Democratic Republic of Congo: Hope for a Radiant Future (Readopt)
#6084: Liberia (Readopt)
#6111: Opposition to Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Land Amend - Rationale
#6112: United Nations Resolutions on the Israel-Palestine Conflict [Amend] Rationale
#6117: End Impunity in the Philippines Delete - Rationale
#6118: Philippines: Democratic Governance, Human Rights, and the Peace Process Rewrite - Rationale
#6129: The United Methodist Church and Peace (Readopt)
#6135: Korea Peace, Justice and Reunification Rewrite - Rationale
#6138: Pursue Formal Peace Talks in Philippines Delete - Rationale
#6139: Peace with Justice Sunday and Special Offering (Readopt)
#6144: Respect of the People in Okinawa (Readopt)
#8006: Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Readopt)

New Resolution Proposals