Grassroots Organizing

God's vision for transformation is rooted in justice, peace and liberation. We can change the world through collective action against unjust policies, practices, and systems and organizing.

What Is Faith-based Organizing?

Faith-based organizing is a Gospel practice at its core. Jesus invited, trained, and equipped disciples. He sent them out in pairs to spread the Good News.

Jesus now sends us out as United Methodists to, “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Organizing grows the reign of God on earth by fostering deep, intentional, and incarnational relationships in our churches and communities. This work leads to teams, networks and movements working together for justice.

How Can You Organize?

Effective organizing requires commitment and intention. It took humans centuries to get to this point and justice and liberation will not be achieved overnight. Organizing is hard work, but we trust the Holy Spirit will sustain us in this journey.

Church and Society staff are here to help you.

  • If you’re interested in organizing in your local community, or are interested in scheduling an organizing training, send us an email.

Organizing is deeply rooted in relationships.

Begin by intentionally cultivating relationships with the people around you centered around shared dreams and passions. Create a team that is committed to working locally. When we gather in community, we have the passion, numbers, experiences, questions, and skills required to confront longstanding systems of exploitation and oppression.

The journey to justice must model the new world we envision. We must continue to develop a theology of liberation and continually analyze power dynamics. Collectivity and shared leadership are essential.

Organizing is also invitational. We must continually foster new leaders. That is done through deepening relationships, attending trainings and hands-on experience. By bringing new people in, our power to effect long-term transformation expands.

How can Church and Society help?

We base our organizing model in the stories, experiences, needs and relationships of local communities.

Church and Society staff can help you develop a strategy to address the issues about which you are passionate. They can also help you connect with other teams in your area who are working on similar or related issues. Just send us an email to learn more.

We offer community organizing training. These focus on introducing organizing within our United Methodist theology and mission. Training is often a community’s first step in a journey of engagement and commitment to justice.

Topics which training might include:

  • Organizing lessons from the Bible
  • Theological framework for organizing and social change
  • Storytelling and developing a public narrative
  • Building relationships and teams
  • Asset mapping
  • Leadership development
  • Building organizing strategies for power
  • Organizing congregations
  • Nonviolent direct action