Take Action: Uphold the Right to Vote

The Capitol Building

Two bills - the Freedom to Vote Act (S.2747) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (S.4) - have been introduced in the U.S. Senate to make sure that the right to vote is protected.

The Freedom to Vote Act (S.2747) will set basic federal guidelines that ensure voters are given ample time and means to exercise their right to vote. It will encourage civic participation and promote transparency in our electoral process.

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (S.4) is a vital piece of legislation that protects the civil liberties and civil rights of minorities – particularly African Americans and Native Americans – who have been historically discriminated against by unjust voting laws. The bill will expand preclearance to all states that have a record of discrimination, and it is also designed to protect poll workers and their families from harassment.

Contact your U.S. Senators today and urge them to support legislation that upholds the right to vote.