Support Climate Action

A lantern hangs from a man's hand.

The United Methodist Church understands “climate justice not simply as an environmental or economic concern but rather a deep ethical and spiritual concern that the Church must address.” (2016 Book of Resolutions, #1035 Climate Change and the Church’s Response).

Informed by scientific research and recommendations and in response to the experience of frontline communities where we are in ministry, United Methodists around the world are responding to care for creation and communities impacted by a changing climate.

While churches and the private sector have been increasingly responding to the climate crisis, strong national leadership by the federal government – both the Administration and Congress – is required if we are to reduce emissions, stabilize global temperatures and adequately support impacted communities. Sadly, this year we have seen proposals that would cut dramatically the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency, rescind or revisit regulations that reduce emissions, and retreat from our international commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Raise your voice today and demand action from your Senators and Representative to protect God’s people and God’s planet.