Action Alert: Tell the Senate to Support the Call for U.S. Compliance with International Law in Israel and Palestine

As Church and Society remains steadfast in our witness for peace, new legislation calls for reporting on human rights violations.

Peace in Middle East

Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza has killed more than 23,000 Palestinians — and that number is increasing by the moment — including 70% women and children. Aid from the United States is enabling this devastation and constitutes a violation of U.S. and international law.

To advocate for de-escalation of violence and protection of civilians in Israel and Palestine, Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a new resolution under Section 502B-c of the Foreign Assistance Act requiring the Biden administration to investigate and confront human rights violations in Gaza. This resolution can bypass Senate leadership and force a vote in the Senate.

As the violence continues in Israel and Palestine, Church and Society will be participating in a weekend of action for peace, including a prayer vigil outside the White House, calling for an immediate bilateral ceasefire and de-escalation of violence, provision of humanitarian assistance, adherence to international law, and release of all hostages.

For decades, the United Methodist Church has condemned territorial expansion and aggression, supported justice for refugees, and advocated for ceasing arms sales to the Middle East. The Book of Resolutions (2016) states, “We seek for all people in the Middle East region an end to military occupation, freedom from violence, and full respect for the human rights of all under international law.” The United Methodist Church believes that war is “incompatible with Christian teaching” Social Principles 165.C.

Living into our mission of transforming the world means prioritizing durable solutions to root causes of conflict instead of militarized solutions that engender further violence. Now is the time for us to stand in our faith witness, raise our voices for peace, and urge Congress to prioritize policies that protect civilians.

Contact your Senators today and ask them to support an investigation of human rights violations.