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Our witness cannot stop now

June 20, 2018

In response to President Trump's executive order, the general secretary calls on United Methodists for further action on immigration.

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Putting faith into action for children seeking refuge

June 20, 2018

The Rev. Jeania Ree Moore interviewed Terry Jenkins, a United Methodist from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She reflects on how her faith calls her to advocate for families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. Moore also gives four suggestions on how you can put your faith into practice and support immigrants.

faith in action

Ministry With: Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation, Inc.

June 19, 2018

We often talk about poverty as a result. For those caught in the cycle of poverty, however, the divisions of cause and effect are not always apparent. We spoke with Nancy Nicolas, executive director for the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation, Inc. to learn more about how they alleviate poverty.

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Everybody’s got the right to live: Living wages and housing

June 16, 2018

The typical full-time worker earning the federal minimum wage — stuck at $7.25 per hour since 2009 — would have to work 122 hours each week of the year to afford a two-bedroom apartment or 99 hours each week for a one-bedroom apartment. That's neither possible nor moral.


A shocking violation of the spirit of the Gospel

June 15, 2018

In recent weeks, we have watched with horror at the implementation of policies from the Department of Justice regarding the treatment of people migrating to the United States.


The promise of diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula

Leaders from four United Methodist groups — Church and Society, Global Ministries, the United Methodist Korea Peace Committee and United Methodist Women — join together to pray for peace, the work of diplomacy, disarmament and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.

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Tell Jeff Sessions to care for immigrants!

June 13, 2018

Use social media to contact Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the recent policy decisions at the Department of Justice regarding immigrants.

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Immigrant family separation

June 12, 2018

Why it is happening and what you can do.

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Introducing the 2018 Ethnic Young Adult interns

June 11, 2018

We are pleased to introduce this year’s Ethnic Young Adult intern cohort!

The 2018 Ethnic Young Adult Interns stand in front of the United Methodist Building in Washington, D.C.

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From seminar participant to change maker

June 8, 2018

After presenting her work at Church & Society's UN office, Megan Beddow sat down with us to talk about how attending a seminar in 2005 affected her.

Quinn and Megan chat in two arm chairs at Church and Society's UN office.