faith in action

Now is the time to apply for our Ethnic Young Adult summer internship

The EYA program is for young justice-seekers willing to unpack their faith and identity while working with an organization engaged in addressing social injustices.

Church and Society’s Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) program will run from June 2- July 28, 2018. This eight week intensive program is designed for young justice-seekers who are willing to put their faith into action as they work in the intersections of faith, advocacy, and social change.

EYAs work four days a week with Church and Society’s coalition and placement partners. At these placements interns serve with advocacy, public policy, nonprofit and grassroots organizations. For an idea of where these placements could be our placement partners from last summer were: Creation Justice MinistriesChurch World Service, FairVoteInterfaith Power and LightDemocracy Initiative, National Religious Partnership for the Environment, Results, and the NAACP.

EYAs engage in weekly seminars designed to explore a wide variety of social issues, while also learning about The United Methodist Church’s history of pursuing social holiness. Our Ethnic Young Adult interns get to visit a Methodist historical site, our offices in New York City and learn about the Church’s role at the United Nations.

Interns come from all around the United Methodist connection this creates for a unique and formative experience as students live in community with one another and participate in weekly devotions. Interns are required to do reading and weekly reflections on what they are learning and experiencing while participating in our program. This is an opportunity for vocational discernment, learning more about of United Methodist connection and faith formation.

Program Qualifications

  • Be a member of The United Methodist Church,
  • Be between 18 and 22 years old (Central Conference interns are accepted up to 24 years old),
  • Be at the academic level of rising sophomore, junior or senior in college/university studies or employed full-time,
  • Show active leadership and participation in the local church/community and an involvement in social justice activities;
  • Self-identify as a person of color

If you are someone you know is qualified this transformational experience have them apply today!

Applications should be in by March 1, 2018.

We also offer other internships. Visit our internships page for more information.

If you have any questions please contact our internship coordinator.