faith in action

Living undocumented during COVID-19

Rebecca Cole interviewed Karely Amaya, a second-year student at UCLA. She reflects on her experience as an undocumented student during COVID-19 and how people of faith can take action to protect all people during this public health crisis. Karely is a member of the Wesley Foundation’s 580 Cafe and was originally scheduled to start an internship with Church and Society on March 24, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Over the past few months our world has been hit by the realities of a global pandemic. It is a scary time with overwhelming challenge and uncertainty.

As we practice new ways to build community and live in solidarity, let us be attentive to how this crisis exacerbates the already overwhelming disparity and inequity across the globe. Marginalized populations are at even greater risk during this unprecedented public health crisis.

In the United States, undocumented immigrants and their families are among those who face increased hardship and suffering. This interview with Karely Amaya discusses some of those hardships from an undocumented college student’s perspective.

Watch to learn more from Karely and hear how United Methodists can continue to live faith, seek justice and pursue peace in the midst of life during the coronavirus pandemic.