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Church and Society Awards Over $100,000 in Grants

Church and Society oversees the distribution of three different grants available to United Methodist congregations and organizations.

To apply for funding from any of the three grants, the applicant must be:

  • a United Methodist local church, district, conference or other affiliated group/organization;
  • an Ecumenical group/organization working with and through at least one United Methodist agency or organization, whose program impacts at least one United Methodist local church.

Peace With Justice Grants

Shutting Down the School to Prison Pipeline in Pinellas County, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, through Allendale UMC, will support on ongoing effort to disrupt the school to prison pipeline by training, 3 large community events, one to one training for 5 leaders, 3 team meetings and one Justice workshop.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Wesley Foundation of Kalamazoo – Sankofa Initative, Kalamazoo, MI. This project supports a year-long initiative to become an anti-racist, fully inclusive organization through educational events, collaboration, trips, and workshops. Weekly Muffins for Advocacy and monthly caucus events.
Amount Awarded: $2,500

Northern Illinois Justice for our Neighbors in Chicago, IL. This project will develop and strengthen education and advocacy efforts for immigrants and immigration reform, opening a new clinic in the Northern Illinois Conference.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Justice for our Neighbors in Southeastern Michigan (JFON-SEMI). This project will support faith-based network for immigration services, education and advocacy.
Amount Awarded: $4,200

Austin Region Justice for our Neighbors in Austin, TX. This project will provide Know Your Rights sessions and free legal assistance to immigrants.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Solidarity Visit to the Holy Land – Ecumenical Bishops Forum in Quezon City, Philippines.
Amount Awarded: $800

Wisconsin Interfaith Advocacy Day – Wisconsin Council of Churches in Sun Prairie, WI. This project will bring people of faith to speak to elected officials to promote social and economic justice for the most vulnerable populations in Wisconsin. The funds will be used to allow participation by people of color, low-income persons, and people from rural parts of the state.
Amount Awarded: $2,500

Valley Christian Conference Congregation Based Community Organizing in Palmer, AK. This project will fund work with the native Alaskan population through the Catholic Native Ministry to develop leadership – sending four leaders to a state training, help retain a consultant, printed materials, and hold a four day training.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Election Management Project in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. This project will train clergy to monitor and observe the election process to ensure that it is fair and peaceful, equip pastors to understand the election process and handle political differences.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Arizona Justice for our Neighbors in Phoenix, Arizona. This project will provide high quality immigration services to low income immigrants, engaging in advocacy for immigrant rights and offer education to communities of faith and the public.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Why Water Matters Summit in Mt. Vernon, IL. This project will hold a summit in the Fall of 2017 to discuss global health and the right to clean water including speakers from Native American leadership.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Role of Churches in a Modern Society. This project is sponsored by the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe and will host a conference to give useful concepts to participants about the importance of the church in the context of Europe.
Amount Awarded: $5,000

Total Peace With Justice Grants Awarded Spring 2017: $50,000

Human Relations Day Grants

I Choose Me – Mentoring with a Purpose
Desert South West Annual Conference
Partnership between St James UMC and Metro Center to provide purposeful mentoring of at-risk youth at four racial/ethnic UM churches in Tuscon, AZ.
Amount Awarded: $10,000

Border Hope Prevention Program
Rio-Texas Annual Conference
Social ministry of Eagle Pass UMC – a low-income border church – that provides mentoring and tutoring for community youth.
Amount Awarded: $4,800

Total Grants Award Spring 2017: $14,800

Ethnic Local Church Grants

Churches, Activists and Police in Solidarity for Loving, Outspoken Communities (CAPSLOC)
New York Conference Board of Church and Society, NEJ

This is a response to the call of the NEJ College of Bishops to respond strategically to the Black Lives Matter movement and violent racial profiling, through public workshops and gatherings, and identify coalitions for action in an ethnically pluralistic context. The program is strongly supported by Bishop Bickerton of the NY Conference and Reverend Paul Fleck, chairperson of the NY Conference Board of Church and Society.
Approved: $7,500

Immigration Post-Election — MARCHA West Organizing

This is an initiative to develop regional leadership in a disparate regional context through a MARCHA gathering that includes immigration response training and organizing. The program demonstrates strong support from Bishop Carcaño, California-Pacific Conference and Bishop Galvan Staff of MARCHA.
Approved: $10,000

Native American Reading and Literacy Development Project
American Indian Solutions at Pembroke UMC
Gateway District, NC Conference, SEJ

This is a literacy program aimed at Native American local church communities to respond to high illiteracy rate in the community using an exemplary program and directly benefiting/strengthening at least 12 local Native American congregations. It shows strong support from the Native American community in the region.
Approved: $5,000

Gender Based Violence Program
UM Ministry with Women and Children
Zimbabwe Episcopal Area, Africa Central Conference

This is a ministry of congregational awareness in the Zimbabwe Conference West on the systemic and interpersonal causes and effects of gender based violence, including sexual harassment, and abuse in 13 trainings in key regions including churches and schools. The program will include both West and East Zimbabwe.
Approved: $6,000

Project M.E.N. (Mentoring, Education, Nurturing)
Bennetsville-Cheraw Area Cooperative Ministry
South Carolina Conference, SEJ

This is a project of 9 UMCs that focuses on mentoring young African American men focused on workshops and field trips and health fairs, with a focus on strengthening outreach. Support from local institutions evidence potential for community buy in and sustainability.
Approved: $6,000

Coaching and Promotion of the Social Principles 2017 — Young People’s Training
National UM Youth Fellowship, Philippines Central Conference

This is a new initiative of the UMYF leadership to focus on train the trainers on Social Principles for the quadrennium; this request targets Conference youth leaders and puts into place plans for how to teach the Social Principles, as well as specific discussions including: displaced and migrant peoples; peace process and extrajudicial killings; poverty and income; climate change effects and sustainability. The grant shows strong support by the Philippines Central Conference Bishops.
Approved: $10,000

Total Grants Award Spring 2017: $44,500.00