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A called what? FAQ on called seminars

On Sept. 5-7, 2018, Church and Society will host its third annual called-seminar, Scarcity in Abundance: Hunger in the United States. Registration for the event will begin June 1, 2018, but if you ever wondered what a called seminar is, this FAQ is for you!

What is a called seminar?

It is a call, to summon and gather those in the church to learn and engage on a particular issue. The event last three days and allows participants to dig deeply into a particular issue and explore how to respond from our faith.

The called seminar began in 2016 with “Faith and Guns,” as a response to the increasing number of lives lost to gun violence. In 2017, “Peace on the Korean Peninsula” was a response to the growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Why do we have called seminars?

The United Methodist Seminar Program provides tailor designed seminars for groups (local church, districts, annual conferences, colleges and universities, etc.,) throughout the year. These seminars are designed specifically for the groups that requested the seminar and are not open to the general public. The called seminar, on the other hand, is open to anyone in the larger church to attend.

Who can attend?

You! Past participants have been clergy and laity from 15 different Annual Conferences. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee visa’s for participants outside of the United States. To make the called-seminars as accessible as possible, live video feeds of the sessions are provided on the Church and Society’s Facebook page.

What happens at a called seminar?

For three days, participants will hear from experts on the issue, build relationships with other United Methodists, gain tools and resources to take back to local church/community, worship, gain a theological insight on the issue and meet with their members of Congress.

More questions?

If you have any questions about the 2018 called seminar, “Scarcity in Abundance: Hunger in America” or interested in bringing a group to DC for a seminar, please contact Aimee Hong, Director of the United Methodist Seminar Program at