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Webinar: Drone War, Tech Assassinations, and the Future of Conflict

In this discussion, we will explore the causes of the expansion of drone use, including its use as lethal force, as well as the theological, ethical and policy considerations that these raise.


From the first fully autonomous deadly targeting in Libya to “kamikaze” drone attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine and “Over the horizon” capability in Afghanistan, the use of lethal drones is expanding with little restraint.

This event is hosted by the Interfaith Working Group on Drone Warfare.

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Speakers include:

Pauline Muchina, PhD. Muchina is the Policy, Education, and Advocacy Coordinator for Africa at AFSC in Washington, DC and is a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians. She holds a Masters degree from Yale University Divinity School and a Ph.D. from the Union Theological Seminary.

Daphne Eviatar is Amnesty International USA’s Director of Security with Human Rights. A human rights advocate and lawyer, she is expert on the prosecution and treatment of international terrorism suspects, she reported on military commission proceedings at Guantanamo Bay, the treatment of detainees at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan, terrorism trials in federal courts, and the U.S. drone war.