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The 2024 Grace Over Greed Campaign

Church and Society continues the campaign to advocate for congressional budget decisions and policies that serve and meet the needs of people of faith.

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While the United States Congress considers budget decisions for the coming year, some U.S. political leaders continue to prioritize politics above the concerns and needs of our communities. As United Methodists, it’s a part of who we are to live out our faith to protect the needs and interests of God’s people and God’s good creation.

As such, the General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) is bringing back the Grace Over Greed Campaign to not only highlight important legislative budget issues, but to also offer a way for United Methodists to understand, advocate and act on U.S. budget policies that are consistent with our faith and social principles.

“Grace Over Greed” is a point of view that, as followers of Christ, we must prioritize the action of grace over the selfish abuse of greed. Grace is a practice rooted in the scriptures of our faith and is center to our tradition as United Methodists. Notably, our experiences as people of faith and global citizens mandate that we use our voices and our vote to bring forth the change, transformation, and healing we desire to improve communities all over the world.

Stay tuned as the 2024 Grace Over Greed Campaign comes your way. It will come equipped with action alerts—one of our most utilized tools—to contact your elected representatives on issues related to the federal appropriations process. It will also come with a series of Faith in Action (FIA) posts that highlight and speak to why and how we need to act during this important time in our history.

As this next phase of the campaign begins, we sincerely pray that this is of great benefit to you and your local context. While we know these are difficult times and the challenges before us can feel overwhelming, we must hold firm to the fact that our faith is one of action, justice, and the pursuit of peace.

As United Methodists, we are recognized as a people of action, a people of persistence, a people of love and hope, knowing that our words and behavior can truly make a difference in the places we live, and reveal in real ways the faith we profess.

So, through the Grace over Greed Campaign, take this journey and let God use us as instruments of justice and peace.