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Tell the 118th Congress to Pass H.Res. 77 on Nuclear Disarmament

Write to Congress now to make it clear that this is an issue important to United Methodist constituents.

Action Alert: Peace With Justice

The United Methodist Church has spoken out against the threat of nuclear weapons for decades.

“We believe that human values must outweigh military claims as governments determine their priorities…that the production, possession, or use of nuclear weapons be condemned. Consequently, we endorse general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control.” (United Methodist Book of Discipline ¶165.C)

“We say a clear and unconditional NO to nuclear war and to any use of nuclear weapons. We conclude that nuclear deterrence is a position that cannot receive the church’s blessing.” (United Methodist Council of Bishops, In Defense of Creation, 1986)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and threats of nuclear war in 2022 highlight the real and ongoing threat of nuclear weapons in our modern world. The longer these weapons continue to exist, the more we face the threat of accidental or intentional use.

House Resolution 77 (H.Res. 77) calls on the United States to embrace the goals and provisions of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and to take concrete policy steps to reduce nuclear risks.

This resolution calls on the United States to make nuclear disarmament the centerpiece of the national security policy of the United States and calls on the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, all other Federal and congressional leaders of the United States and the American people to lead a global effort to move the world back from the nuclear brink and to prevent nuclear war by:

  • Actively pursuing and concluding negotiations on a new, bilateral nuclear arms control and disarmament agreement with the Russia
  • Renouncing the option of using nuclear weapons first;
  • Ending the President’s sole authority to launch a nuclear attack;
  • Taking the nuclear weapons of the United States off hair-trigger alert; and
  • Canceling the plan to replace the nuclear arsenal of the United States with modernized, enhanced weapons.

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