New Videos of The United Methodist Building's 100th Anniversary for UMC Annual Conferences

High-quality videos tell the story of the United Methodist Building's one hundred year legacy of social witness on Capitol Hill and beyond.

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On behalf of the United Methodist Building’s 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee, Church and Society invites you to join the celebration and share a 100-year legacy video during your 2024 Annual Conference Session.

Stream any UMB100 video from the Church and Society YouTube playlist here:

Or download the video files from the Dropbox folder here.

Directly across from the U.S. Capitol and adjacent to the U.S. Supreme Court, the United Methodist Building has been a center of advocacy for faith-based social action and a UMC symbol of peace and social justice for over 100 years and counting.

To learn more about the United Methodist Building’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, check out the website page here.

United Methodist Building 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee

Members (UMC Annual Conference)
- Mr. Raúl Alegría, Tennessee-Western Kentucky
- Rev. Jim Bankston, Texas
- Mrs. Margaret Borgen, Iowa
- Rev. Lisa Garvin, Mississippi
- Judge Jon R. Gray (retired), Missouri
- Rev. Allison Mark, California-Pacific
- Rev. Ron Robinson, South Carolina

Honorary Members (UMC Annual Conference)
- Mrs. Sarah Anne Corbett, Baltimore-Washington
- Mrs. Marilyn McClean, Illinois Great Rivers
- Rev. Robert McClean, Illinois Great Rivers
- Rev. Dr. Thom White Wolf Fassett, New York
- The Honorable Emanuel Cleaver, II, U.S. House of Representatives, Missouri