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General Conference Delegates Pass Revised Social Principles Preamble, The Community of All Creation, The Economic Community

The vote tally was 667 to 54, passing with 92%.

GC press briefing 1
April 30, 2024, General Conference, Charlotte, N.C. --- John Hill, GBCS Interim General Secretary and Bishop Sally Dyck, President, GBCS Board of Directors, offer updates and answer questions concerning the Revised Social Principles Legislation during a General Conference press briefing with approximately 50 reporters.

On Tuesday, April 30, General Conference delegates passed another batch of Revised Social Principles that were on the consent calendar submitted by Legislative Committee Church and Society 1. The vote tally was 667 to 54, passing with 92%.

The adopted Revised Social Principles legislation on April 30th replaces:

Also today, The General Conference delegates adopted the petition to reduce the overall number of directors on the Board of Directors for Church and Society while increasing representation of Central Conferences.

Today’s adopted Revised Social Principles legislation adds to The Political Community that passed on April 27, 2024 and the Part V: Social Principles Preface that passed yesterday.

The remaining ¶161,¶162 The Social Community of the Revised Social Principles petition will come to the floor in the coming days of General Conference.