Connecting Faith and Justice — Lectionary Year C

The curriculum is designed to help students actively engage the intersection of faith and justice and explore why our faith compels us toward justice. It is available to download today for free.

Why junior high?

Junior high is usually around the time of confirmation and a perfect time to walk alongside your students, encouraging them to search deeper within themselves, their relationship with God, and their role within their community and the larger world.

What’s the format?

Youth groups come in all shapes and sizes, and for this reason, we created all of the lessons so that you can use them with as few or as many students as you have.

Each lesson is designed to last an hour and includes a centering moment, scripture study, group activity and a closing moment.

The curriculum is a yearlong curriculum that follows the Lectionary Year C.

Since this is the first of the series, the curriculum starts on Dec. 2, 2018, with the start of Advent and ends Dec. 29, 2019, with the end of Advent of Lectionary Year A.

Why the lectionary?

For churches that follow the lectionary, we hope that this will provide an opportunity for the students to connect with parents and other adults during the week. For churches that do not follow the lectionary, two indexes are provided by justice issue and by scripture. All the lessons are standalone lessons are not dependent on the previous lesson.

Who wrote the curriculum?

A diverse group of educators wrote the lessons. Some were youth pastors, and some were professors. There are lessons from elders, deacons, deaconesses, and missionaries from all over the globe. Each of them wants to support your youth in their faith development.

We are in the midst of gathering contributors for the lectionary year A curriculum. If you or someone you know are passionate about junior high students engage in faith and justice, please contact Aimee Hong.

Comments or questions?

If you have any comments or questions regarding the curriculum, please contact Aimee Hong, director of the United Methodist Seminar Program at