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Apply Now for the 2023 Ethnic Young Adult Internship

The Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) program is for young justice seekers willing to unpack their faith and identity and develop a deeper understanding of justice.

Ethnic Young Adult interns

Applications are due by March 6th, 2023. To apply and learn more, visit here. 

Interns gain professional experience by serving with a placement organization (network partner of Church & Society) to address social injustices. These partner organizations do advocacy, public policy, nonprofit and grassroots organizing. EYAs work with their placement organization four days a week.

EYAs engage in weekly seminars and devotions. These sessions are designed to explore various topics related to Church and Society’s mission, vision, and ongoing efforts. Interns are also introduced to concepts of justice and spiritual practices and learn from advocates and faith leaders. 

Interns in this cohort are provided dorm-style housing at the United Methodist Building directly across from the U.S. Capitol., in an intentional community with members of our worldwide United Methodist connection. 

As the story of ViaFaith shows, this is a unique opportunity to participate in national advocacy and public witness, putting faith in action. 

Program Dates: June 4th – July 29th, 2023  

Stipend: EYA interns receive a stipend of $1,700 upon completion of program requirements.

Applications are due by March 6th, 2023. To apply and learn more, visit here. 

*Program Qualifications *

  • Be a member of The United Methodist Church,
  • Be between 18 and 22 years old (Central Conference interns are accepted up to 24 years old),
  • Be at the academic level of a rising sophomore, junior or senior in college/university studies or employed full-time,
  • Show active leadership and participation in the local church/community and involvement in social justice activities.
  • Self-identify as a person of color