Action Alert: Tell U.S. Congress to Pursue Peace in The Middle East

Support Policies to De-escalate The Conflict

The General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church joins other faith communities calling for a ceasefire, de-escalation and restraint following the violent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

We also join the United Methodist Council of Bishops, who in a statement condemned the recent attacks in the region, grieved the loss of life and called for the immediate release of all hostages. We pray for the innocent civilians, many of them children, who have been caught in the crossfire. We also pray for those who remain trapped in harms way in Gaza.

As we pray, we must also remain steadfast in our witness for peace.

As United Methodists, “we believe war is incompatible with the teachings and example of Christ… As disciples of Christ, we are called to love our enemies, seek justice, and serve as reconcilers of conflict. We insist that the first moral duty of all nations is to work together to resolve by peaceful means every dispute that arises between or among them.” United Methodist Social Principles 165.C

Church and Society has joined with ecumenical partners in calling Congress to take action that de-escalates the conflict, upholds international conventions and supports unrestricted humanitarian aid allowing agencies to provide food, water and medical supplies in the war-torn region.

You can raise your voice for peace now. Contact your elected leaders today and ask them to help stop the spread of violence, prevent further loss of life and support humanitarian efforts to alleviate the suffering.