Action Alert: Tell the House to Save the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

Call on your Representative to extend and strengthen legislation that provides compensation to people exposed to radiation.

On June 7, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) is set to expire. RECA has provided compensation to survivors of U.S. nuclear weapons testing and uranium mining since the legislation was passed in 1990.

RECA has provided crucial benefits to Americans who have suffered from the United States’ above-ground nuclear tests that exposed many communities to unsafe radiation levels. If allowed to expire, entire communities will lose life-saving health coverage, and many will not be able to apply for compensation.

For decades, the United Methodist Church has rejected “the possession of nuclear weapons as a permanent basis for securing and maintaining peace” (Book of Resolutions, #6129). Part of this dedication to abolition of nuclear weapons is ensuring justice for those harmed by the nuclear weapons industry, as the Bible makes justice the inseparable companion of peace (Isaiah 32:17).

In March 2024, the Senate voted to advance legislation that would extend and strengthen RECA. This legislation would extend the program for six years, double compensation offered to communities downwind of nuclear weapons test sites, and include previously excluded communities harmed by radiation.

Now it’s time for the House of Representatives to take action. Use the form below to call on your Representative to implore Speaker Johnson to bring legislation improving and reauthorizing RECA to the floor for a vote. 

Colleen Moore Director of Peace With Justice General Board of Church and Society