Action Alert: Tell Congress to Support Full Funding for Health Justice

Proposed spending cuts would be detrimental to those seeking reproductive health, substance abuse and mental health services, and an end to epidemics like HIV.

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Debt Ceiling Compromise in Washington harms low-income Americans reliant on life-saving social programs.

Our United Methodist Social Principles affirm that “creating the personal, environmental, and social conditions in which health can thrive is a joint responsibility – public and private.” (Social Principles, 162. V)

As we declare that healthcare is a basic human right, we must continue to advocate for policies that support comprehensive, equitable, and accessible healthcare for everyone. 

As the United States Congress seeks to pass spending bills for the 2024 fiscal year, we must urge the House and Senate to not only avoid a government shutdown but fund bills that prioritize grace over greed. 

Despite the budget levels set in the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023, the House has drafted spending bills that would: 

  • Cut $139 million from the enacted level for the National Institute of Mental Health
  • Cut $220 million below the enacted level which would eliminate funding for the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative
  • Limit women’s access to reproductive health by reversing the FDA decision to allow mifepristone to be dispensed in certified pharmacies 
  • Cut $234 million below the enacted level for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Cut $542 million for USAID global health programing 

We must advocate that Congress chooses the grace of ensuring all have access to comprehensive, equitable, and accessible healthcare over the greed of making cuts to critical resources.

Use the form below to contact your member of Congress today and advocate for full funding of much needed health programming.