Church and Society Board of Directors Meeting, Spring 2023

Motion to Readopt 36 Resolutions – Unanimously Approved

Advocating Work Area

3042: Alcohol and Other Drugs
United Methodist commitment to a holistic approach of prevention, intervention, treatment, community organizing, public advocacy and abstinence of alcohol and other drugs.

3181: New Developments in Genetic Science
Urging the Church to join in the task of theological inquiry of the genetic age.

3182: Human Cloning
A call to ban human cloning of embryos.

3184: Repentance for Support of Eugenics
A formal apology on behalf of Methodist leaders who historically supported eugenics as sound science and theology.

3201: Health Care for All in the US
Affirmation that health care is a basic human right, and the duty of the government to assure health care for all.

3202: Health and Wholeness
Discusses various social determinants of health and urges UMC entities to work to restore health and wholeness.

3205: Faithful Care for Persons Suffering and Dying
Calling United Methodists to exercise ministry through end-of-life care.

3281: Welcoming the Migrant to the US
Addresses moral obligations and advocacy toward and for sojourners in and to the United States.

3303: Ministries in Mental Illness
A call for United Methodists to be in informed ministry to individuals and their families navigating mental illnesses.

3427: Eradicating Sexual and Gender Based Violence
A call for United Methodists to eradicate forms of violence as seen through child marriage, female genital mutilation, child soldiers, etc.

3428: Our Call to End Gun Violence
Foundational resolution for UMC engagement on gun violence prevention and international small arms transfers.

4041: Gambling
Opposing the growing legalization and promotion of gambling.

4053: Global Debt Crisis: A Call for Jubilee

4057: Protecting Health Care, Labor and Environment in Trade Negotiations
A call for governments around the world to take steps to protect legislatures to safeguard the health care, environment, and labor of their citizens.

4063: A Call for Just Tax Structures
An affirmation of the need to reform tax structures

4064: A Call for Faithful Lending Practices
A call for United Methodists to investigate unjust credit lending practices.

4101: Living Wage Model
A call for a living wage in every industry.

4134: Rights of Farm Workers in the US
A call to stand in solidarity with farm workers to change unjust conditions.

4135: Rights of Workers
A call for workers to have a living wage and the right to organize labor unions.

Connecting Work Area

5031: Humanizing Criminal Justice
Transformation of the current criminal legal system from punitive to restorative.

5038: Caring for Victims of Crime
Advocates for a holistic approach to restoring those affected by crime.

5083: Right to Privacy
Advocates for individual’s right to not be monitored under false pretenses.

5086: Voting Representation for People in the District of Columbia
Support for expanding democracy in the US Capital.

6025: Globalization and Its Impacts on Human Dignity and Human Rights
Foundational resolution for protecting international human rights in an era of globalization.

6026: International Day of Prayer
Supports an International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

6032: Eradicating Modern-Day Slavery
A call to eradicate the various forms of human trafficking

6043: Guidelines for the Imposition of Sanctions
Highlights impacts of sanctions on the most vulnerable communities and lays out guidelines for their use.

6066: Atomic Testing on the Marshall Islands: A Legacy
Calls for an official apology and appropriate redress from the U.S. government to inhabitants of the Marshall Islands.

6082: Democratic Republic of the Congo: Hope for a Radiant Future
Calls for UMC support towards peacebuilding efforts in the DRC and other countries in crisis in Africa.

6084: Liberia
Calls for UMC support towards peacebuilding and health initiatives in Liberia.

6129: The United Methodist Church and Peace
Foundational resolution for disarmament work, advocacy on budget priorities, multilateral engagement, economic justice initiatives, and peace education.

6139: Peace with Justice Sunday and Special Offering
Outlines the Biblical foundation and purpose of the Peace with Justice Special Sunday Offering.

6144: Respect of the People in Okinawa
Supports the Okinawan people in their request for removal or reduction of U.S. military bases and U.S. military personnel in Okinawa.

Educating Work Area

1033: Caring for Creation: A Call to Stewardship and Justice
Foundational creational care resolution combined multiple previous resolutions.

1035: Climate Change and the Church’s Response.
Support locally appropriate climate actions including national and international advocacy.

8006: Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Addressing the ethical implications of using human embryos as a source of stem cell research.