Building Power Together Toolkit

Understanding that our faith calls us to pursue justice is only the first step of educating ourselves for the work of advocacy.

Building Power Together

Leadership is a calling to serve, share our gifts, and support others as we pursue common goals together.

Who is the toolkit for?

Building Power Together is for advocates in leadership. With biblical grounding, best practices, and examples from lived experts, formal and informal leaders alike will benefit from this toolkit.

Many United Methodists are eager to pursue justice but don’t know where to begin. Building Power Together provides guidance and instruction on how to get started at home. Readers can unpack education as a foundation to advocacy, learn how to build a team to work alongside, and identify ways to sustain advocacy campaigns for maximum efficacy.

If you find yourself elected, appointed, have volunteered or been “volun-told” to lead justice work in your community, Building Power Together is for you.

Using This Toolkit

Inside Building Power Together, you will find strategies to seek justice and pursue peace from a United Methodist perspective. With an emphasis on building sustainable movements for change, topics include: research and resources to learn with your community, mapping your community to identify needs and assets, building and maintaining your team, drafting legislation for annual and general conference, and documenting your work for movement building.

You can purchase a printed copy of Building Power Together in our store or download a free digital copy here.

Building Power Together was created to be used in conjunction with Creating Change Together: A Toolkit for Faithful Civic Engagement.

The following how-to documents will soon be available for download below and accompany Building Power Together as practical guides for organizing tactics.

Building Your Team provides step-by-step instructions on how to build your team one person at a time.

Convening One-On-Ones describes the process of holding one-on-one meetings to establish a common vision and goal for your advocacy efforts.

Pursuing Consensus helps leaders navigate team communication for strategizing and decision-making.