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When Immigration Policies Obstruct Family

On this Father’s Day, we honor those dads who are separated from their families by unjust immigration policies.

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Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) is a ministry of The United Methodist Church that seeks to advocate for immigration reform, educates communities about immigration issues and laws, and strives to keep families together.

The New York JFON chapter has worked to continue the decades-long work of a father who never stopped fighting to reunite his family.

He was a hard-working man in a country where hard work is not always rewarded. He was a devout man among the Christian minority in Hyderabad, India; a lay minister in the Methodist Church, who loved to preach and loved to sing. He was a man who always wanted to do the right thing.

But ask anyone who knew this man to identify the defining purpose of his life and the answer would always be the same: love for his daughters. He had five of them; they were the joy of his life, but also his worry. How would he adequately provide for them? What kind of future would they have? Where was the opportunity for them?

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