Statement on Haitian Deportations

Recent actions by the U.S. government against Haitians at the border are inhumane and contrary to church teachings

Although the makeshift border camp has now been cleared, the violent scenes of Haitians being rounded up and chased by U.S. Border Patrol agents cannot be forgotten. It is evidence of the U.S.’s broken immigration system and our xenophobic responses to migrants. These actions are woefully contrary to the Biblical imperatives and the Church’s teachings on welcoming the stranger and caring for refugees, migrants and those seeking safety. 

As people of faith, we will not stand for this inhumane racist treatment of migrants. We call upon the Biden Administration to hold the border patrol agents accountable and end unjust policies and practices like Title 42 and the ongoing deportations of Haitians from the U.S. and move toward immigration policies that enact justice and human rights for all of our migrant neighbors.