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Saving Mothers' Lives: A Call to Action

Laura Kigweba James, Organizing Program Coordinator, talks with OB-GYN and United Methodist Dr. Kathy Hartke on how COVID-19 impacts maternal health, and how people of faith can take action to save mother’s lives.

The COVID-19 epidemic has demonstrated that disparities in health care have tragic consequences. The disparities we witness today reveal long-standing problem with the healthcare system in the US.

In a recent webinar, on Black Maternal Health: US COVID-19 Response, the Interim Director of the Black Mamas Matter alliance, Angela Aina, stressed that “COVID-19 has amplified health inequities in the US that already existed and has intensified our maternal health crisis.”

The U.S. ranks as one of the 13 countries with the highest cases of maternal mortality. These cases are higher, in black, brown, and indigenous communities.

Maternal death is preventable and, as a church, we can use our voice to advocate for policy that addresses racial disparities and improves access to equitable comprehensive quality care for mothers and their families.

Watch the interview below to learn more from Dr. Hartke about Maternal Health Justice and how United Methodists can take action to save mother’s lives.

Learn more from Dr. Hartke here.

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