Support The United Methodist Global AIDS Committee

The United Methodist Global AIDS Committee (UMGAC) has been operating as the HIV & AIDS entity in the United Methodist Church since 2004 with the hope of creating a more just and healthy world for all God’s people. We have done so through education and advocacy including, most recently, educational webinars examining how HIV & AIDS intersects with other societal issues/concerns such as COVID-19 and racism.

Happily, infections are decreasing in the developing world, but not so much in those countries plagued with poverty and distress. Today, 38 million people are living with HIV or AIDS. Women and people of color are most impacted.

Taking seriously Jesus’ mandate to care for the sick, the interagency committee guiding UMGAC needs support to sustain our capacity to address this global pandemic - one which took the lives of 670,000 in 2019 with approximately 7.1 million unaware they are living with HIV.

Thank you for your support.