Social Principles 2020

As we revise the Social Principles, we are calling for United Methodists to weigh in on the content.

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The Social Principles revision has been underway for two quadrennia. Born out of a request from General Conference, the General Board of Church and Society has undertaken the global project, and looks forward to presenting a final draft to General Conference 2020 for consideration.

General Conference charged Church and Society with the task to revise the Social Principles. The board’s goal is to make the revised Social Principles:

  1. More succinct
  2. More theologically grounded, and
  3. More globally relevant.

Now that a draft is completed, United Methodists across the connection are invited to weigh in and comment on the content. Please read the document, and fill out the survey below. The deadline for submitting comments is August 31, 2018. Your responses will be collected and may influence the final draft submitted to General Conference.

If you are facilitating a dialogue in your church or conference, consider using this guide.

Draft of Revised Social Principles

Click here to download the English draft of the revised Social Principles.

Note: The subject of human sexuality will be addressed in the Social Principles after the conclusion of the 2019 called session of the General Conference. The General Board of Church and Society will be informed by the combined efforts of the Way Forward Commission, the Council of Bishops, and the General Conference. Following the called session of the General Conference in 2019, language will be developed in preparation for the 2020 General Conference.

The deadline has closed to submit feedback on the draft. If you have questions, please send them to nchristie@umcjustice.org