Social Principles and Resolutions

The Social Principles (¶¶ 160-166) provide our most recent official summary of stated convictions. The Resolutions recorded in the Book of Resolutions expand on the Social Principles. These Resolutions are the official statements of The United Methodist Church.

The Social Principles are a resource for mission and ministry for United Methodists across the globe. The Social Principles call all United Methodists not only to make a difference in the world and to live differently in the world but also and as urgently to build a different kind of world than the one we have now.

The 2020 Revised Social Principles

Church and Society fulfilled the call of the General Conference to create a more globally relevant, theologically sound and succinct document. After an eight-year revision, thousands of United Methodists from across the world created a document that is a resource for ministry for the whole church.

The revised document is now pending review by the General Conference, and available for all to read in eight languages here.

You can purchase copies of the 2016 Social Principles from Cokesbury here.